What We Offer


Events and Installations

Working with clients including Bloomsbury, MADE.COM, Jenny Packham and Christies, we deliver elegant designs for exquisite events. Our Creative Director and her team of fabulous florists invest time in understanding the vision for the event to ensure that our sustainable, natural blooms effortlessly embody the spectacle. Whether you are planning a cosy lunch, a corporate party, a product launch, an office celebration, a fashion show or something else entirely, we are excited to get started.
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Weddings and Private Parties

When we think of a wedding day, or indeed a private party, we think of elegance. The two go hand in hand. Which is why we love nothing more than adding to the rich tapestry through our simple, beautiful designs, created in line with your vision for the day. Our Creative Director and team of florists are on hand from planning to execution – whether it is to deliver effortless, elegant bouquets or to transform a room into a state of wonder.
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Houses and Hotels

With a house or a hotel as the canvas, our Creative Director and team of florists will paint a floral picture to match your taste, style and preference. We offer eye-catching designs which can transform an entire space, or stylish arrangements which add that all-important, final touch of excellence.